Our interdisciplinary research programme at the Institute for Bioanalytical Chemistry is focussed on mass spectrometry, separation techniques and instrument development. The team also conducts applied research in the ‘omics’ sciences of metabolomics and lipidomics, with particular emphasis on innovative, non-invasive techniques for measuring indicators or “biomarkers” of disease as well as nutritional and/or physiological status.

The core expertise of the Chair in Analytical Chemistry is the development of novel methods in biological mass spectrometry, in particular techniques for qualitative and quantitative measurement of low-molecular weight substances; e.g., endogenous metabolites, pharmaceutical drugs, environmental toxins and metabolite fingerprints of biomarkers.

The research is currently divided into four themes:

  1. Metabolomics and lipidomics techniques for studying metabolic pathways and biomarkers of disease, with emphasis on rapid biomarker discovery, chemical labelling techniques for metabolite profiling and biomarker discovery in non-invasive sample matrices.
  2. Vitamin D chemotypes for diseases related to vitamin D deficiency.
  3. Imaging mass spectrometry, quantitative mass spectrometry, MALDI instrument development, substrates for laser desorption/ionization.
  4. High resolution mass spectrometry, structural elucidation techniques, ionization mechanisms, gas-phase ion chemistry, ion mobility spectrometry.

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